Wowser! Izzie and Archie are at it again.

Archie and Izzie scuffled to their grandparents place for their Friday afternoon visit. Their Nan was busily telling them that it was going to rain and teaching them how to tell. “Pink at that night shepherds delight, pink in the morning sailors head warning”.  Archie didn’t really believe the saying was true. Arriving at their grandparents, they headed to the library room which was wall to wall with books. Pop told them to grab a book whilst his was fetching afternoon tea.

Archie dived in first, yelling to Izzie “okay we have dinosaurs, Africa or space? Izzie told him “they are boys books, so down and I will choose”. Archie decided to climb higher and reached the top shelf. “look Izzie it’s a book with no title, lets read this one” Izzie just stands there with hands on her hips, “get down Archie now”.

Archie gets down and hands Izzie the book, “Archie it’s a blank book there is no title and look I can’t open it” says Izzie. Archie grabs the book “ don’t be silly off course you can”. Archie flips the book over and tries opening all sides and nothing happens. “that’s weird” he says to Izzie. “I wonder what it’s for?”

Archie and Izzie sit down on the floor and try to open the book. Archie uses all magic words “abracadabra” nothing happens, “open sesame” still no luck, Izzie tries to rub the book nothing happens. Archie laughs and says “this isn’t a lantern Izzie”.

Finally they are both looking at the book and Archie says “ it’s no use lets go outside and play” “But we cants its about to rain Archie” says Izzie, Archie than grumbles “why does it have to rain? Where is all this water coming from?”

“Suddenly the book starts shaking and a light shines out of the book highlighting a poem on the front cover.

“A question has been asked

Why, who, what, where or how

The answer can be discovered not by one but by two

So together you must hold the book and the lock you will undo

The pages are blank which you will fill.

As many adventures await you still

Come on an adventure and knowledge you will gain

As we discover the answer to the question about rain?”

Archie and Izzie look at each other in amazement, not believing their eyes! “okay Archie lets see what it does next?”

“Cool, lets ask where does the rain go?” an excited Archie exclaims.

Archie and Izzie both hold the book and ask “where does the rain go? Suddenly the book flips open and starts shaking, Archie shouts “what’s happening Izzie?”  as they feels themselves shrinking and the room spinning  Archie yells to Izzie

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